Don’t you hate driving to Manhattan or Philadelphia and spending half the day circling block after block looking for a cheap, legal parking space? Well, you’ll find none of that in downtown Easton. Parking downtown is cheap and plentiful, and is legal unless otherwise marked. Just don’t forget to feed the meter; parking tickets are unfortunately plentiful as well.

If you want your car off the street and covered, you’ll want to park in the city garage, located at North Third and Pine Streets. Off-street metered spaces can also be found at city lots located on Northampton Street near Second Street; on North Third Street; and on South Third Street across from the garage (see map).

Metered, on-street spaces abound; bring some quarters with you, because that’s all the meters will accept. The cost is a quarter per half hour, and meters are enforced from 8 AM until 6 PM every day except

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