Beat the Heat at the Boyd

By Elena Douvanis; Photos by laini

It’s the dead of summer and lately we’ve been having the type of weather that won’t let us forget it. Outdoor activities are great, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a dark, cool movie theater to escape from the stifling heat.

My sentimental favorite place for taking in a summer movie is the Boyd Theatre in Bethlehem, which has been showing films for over 80 years. When I think of the Boyd, it reminds me of a childhood tradition. Growing up near downtown Bethlehem, it was practically a ritual for my parents to take us to the movies here during the summer (and all throughout the year).

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Sure, the Boyd has its old-school quirks – cash only, no online sales – but I’d gladly take that any day of the week over a generic Movieplex 16. According to its Web site, the Boyd has the lowest first-run admission and concession prices in the Lehigh Valley. At $5 for a matinee and $6 for an evening show, it’s the best deal on the block. Plus, the snacks there are cheap! And they butter your popcorn in the middle AND on the top, if you want it. Now that’s service. I had to butter my own popcorn and pay over $20 to see a movie (with snacks) in King of Prussia this past week.

The Boyd also boasts no commercials or on-screen advertisements and it shows just five minutes of previews. The sloped seating in the elegant auditorium and in-person speech from the proprietor asking moviegoers to refrain from cell phone use are charming. Personally, I find the in-person cell phone speech a much more convincing tactic than dancing movie snacks asking you to do the same.

You can usually find the movie of the moment playing at the Boyd. Right now, they are showing the latest action-packed Angelina Jolie film, Salt.

There is pretty ample parking around the theater, and the Loop also makes a stop at Main and Broad, if you prefer public transportation.

The Boyd Theatre; 30 West Broad Street; Bethlehem; 610-866-1521

Elena Douvanis is a Bethlehem native, proud Penn State alum, and current Philadelphia resident. In her spare time, she likes to rediscover the Lehigh Valley, eat good food, read in an addictive fashion, and listen to John Mayer songs. You can find her on Twitter @elenadouvanis

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