Dairy Diary

By Michelle Pittman and Michael Buck

Klein Farms should be a required stop for Lehigh Valley visitors and residents alike. Not only does the Klein family make some seriously tasty cheeses and yogurt, they are a great resource for anyone who wants to know more about where their food comes from. You can even introduce yourself to a few dairy cows while you’re there.

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Easton, Klein Farms has a bustling shop that offers the aforementioned dairy products, raw milk, smoothies, fresh beef and eggs. And samples! We tried not to gorge ourselves on mozzarella, cheddar, gouda and colby cubes. But man, were they good. We tested the vanilla maple yogurt (a favorite, apparently) and even had a swig of raw milk (our first). Our purchases for the day totaled just under $20, and we took home three types of cheeses, milk, yogurt, cupcakes and a chocolate bar – not bad at all!

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We bought the honey-flavored yogurt and turned it into a frozen treat. See how over at feaston.wordpress.com.

But perhaps the best part of the day was wandering around the farm and meeting the animals. Nothing’s really off limits. We found some cats hiding in the hay, peacocks sitting atop the dairy store and goats, chickens, sheep and geese just behind the store in their own little pen. And of course–the cows. They were perhaps the friendliest of them all.

Klein Farms is certainly a destination to be experienced. Stop in, learn something and of course, EAT!

To learn more about Klein Farms and other local farms, read “How to be a Locavore” from laini’s little pocket guide to Easton’s second edition.

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