Find Phyllis: She–and her antiques–are in the Alley!

Words by Carrie Havranek; Photos by Laini Abraham

If there’s one thing Easton has quite a bit of, it’s antique shops. One of my favorite things to do when I first moved here was wander around on a Saturday in and out of stores. I still love doing it, but now I have two curious and tiny liabilities in tow so it’s a bit trickier. It’s how I acquired my 1940s glass punch bowl set (who knew punch bowls, with a matching set of 12 glasses, were so hard to find?), and how we came across our 1930s Farnsworth radio–it came from Skinner’s Auctions, which had set up a couple of spots downtown years ago.

There’s a new destination–or at the very least, a reinvented and new physical location–in town. Enter Phyllis. The creative minds behind Mercantile Home team, Ken Jones Jr. and Ron Morris have created a different kind of downtown boutique, so named for the shop owner Phyllis O’Donnell. It’s full of vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories and other intriguing finds. Ken and Ron conceived of the shop’s website, layout, merchandise selection and presentation, and the overall concept, culled from the sophisticated inventory of owner O’Donnell’s previous business endeavor, Theatre Vue Antiques.

Where you can you Find Phyllis? Wander off down toward 12 S. Sitgreaves Street. When can you Find Phyllis? She’s open Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 1pm-7pm, and Saturdays 11am-7pm, or by appointment. How can you reach Phyllis? Call her at 610-252-7500.

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