Five Cool Places for a Slice of Pizza, Part Deux

by Carrie Havranek

Last week, Five Cool Places took a vacation, so we’re sorry if you missed us. This week we’re behind the 8-ball a bit, but honestly, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who commented about pizza that we kind of let things go to see how many of you would chime in. We suspected there were lots of passionate pizza people out there, but honestly, we had no idea.

So without further ado, the fifth cool place, as informally voted by Little Pocket Guide readers is………..

Steve’s! More specifically, Steve’s Italian Family Restaurant, on Greenwood Avenue, in Easton.

I have to admit I’ve never been there, but it kept coming up in the comments, and Laini herself even weighed in on the Sicilian—which admittedly does not fit my criteria, as outlined in the first installment of this whole thing—that it’s the next place I’m trying when it comes time to dial for dinner. Try it; tell ’em the Little Pocket Guide sent you. And of course, weigh in with recommendations on what to try, other than pizza (heaven forbid!), when you go.

Steve’s Italian Family Restaurant; 1005 South Greenwood Avenue, Easton; (610) 252-7756

Carrie Havranek is the online editor for Little Pocket Guide and happily, without shame, ate Mack and Manco Pizza twice last week when she went to Ocean City, New Jersey, with her family.

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