Five Cool Places for Winter Warmers

by Carrie Havranek

Yeah, it’s cold. Winter is coming upon us–it officially starts next Tuesday, the 21st–and it could not be more apparent this week. Here are five cool places for winter warmers. We’re defining the term “winter warmer” sort of broadly here, but the drink should fill you with fizzy, cozy feelings. And for the fifth place, we’d like to revive a move that proved popular when we talked about pizza: tell us your favorite place.

1. River Grille, Easton. Ok, so maybe you might not think of it in this way–there’s a fireplace but it’s largely ornamental–but the preponderance of cherry wood does make for a warm feeling. However, it’s the cocktails we’re talking about here. Specifically, ask for the house made cinnamon-infused whiskey. And ask for it hot, however you take it.

2. Riegelsville Inn, Riegelsville. This restaurant, located along the Delaware River, serves contemporary American cuisine in one of those great old buildings Pennsylvania does so well–and it’s incidentally one of the things I love about the Keystone state. It is drafty and the floors are creaky but it’s got an enormous fireplace in the dining room that you could probably recline in–that is, except for the enormous fire that is periodically stoked by servers passing by. A seat by this fire, along with their fine cuisine, will heat you up, all the way to your insides.

3. The Bookstore Speakeasy, Bethlehem. There are reasons the cocktail list does not list the prices. They’re just that good. The house special, “Death Under a Tree,” may not necessarily refer to a Christmas tree, but its combination of absinthe, grapefruit bitters, and champagne will sedate you–in a good way–like no other.

4. The Chocolate Lab, Bethlehem. A conversation about beverages in the winter time MUST include hot chocolate, and stop in for a frothy sweet cup at this unique chocolate shop on Main Street. Don’t forget the marshmallow on a stick–dipped in chocolate already–to dunk into your hot chocolate.

5. Tell us your favorite place in the comments section, please!

Carrie Havranek is a writer and beverage enthusiast in Easton who often switches to chai in the fall and winter.

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