Hello, Spring! So nice to see you again.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us the happiest. Except I don’t think of the coming of spring as so little. For me, it’s huge. It feels like a veil of gray has been lifted and the color’s come back to the world. And it has. Flowers, leaves, grass, and light. Everywhere. This is my kind of season… the kind I’ve been dreaming about for the last 6 months. Next up… canoeing, bicycling, walking by the river and dining patioside. But for now, I’m happy to stop and watch the beginning of it all unfold. Thanks to Marty and Jay for shooting it for us all to see. -laini

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Marty Desilets is a contributing photographer to laini’s little pocket guide to Bethlehem. To see more of Marty’s work, visit www.marty.fm.

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