“In the Life” Brings You “Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute”

Words and Photos by Jandee Weninger

Since its debut in early 2009, Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute has been thrilling audiences. The band consists of a group of very talented friends who came together to pay tribute to one of the most influential groups to come out of the 1980s: The Talking Heads.

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Lead singer and guitarist, Jon Braun, not only sounds like David Byrne, but looks like him, too. He gets into character, complete with the oversize suit, and he seems to become possessed. (Is it possible to be possessed by someone who is still alive? Hmmm.) Esme Montgomery throws in some amazing vocals and she and Jon perform dance routines to the various songs that keep you on your feet all night. The rest of the band sings back up as well: Brad Murray on keyboards, Bill Melcher on bass, Jesse Braun on drums, Steven Brunette on percussion and Jon Fadem on guitar.

You can tell they are having fun up on stage. Don’t miss them June 12th at Pearly Baker’s in Easton. They are also playing a concert cruise this August in New York City. Get your tickets now; they are going fast. Find out more, including a list of upcoming gigs, either on Facebook or Myspace. And remember: if you do make it to a show, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. These guys make it almost impossible to stand still.

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