Ladybug Love from Laini

Photos by Laini Abraham


Ladybug on a leaf, photo by Laini Abraham. Lehigh Valley PA Nature.
Ladybug on a leaf as seen on a morning walk near College Hill in Easton, PA. Photo by Laini Abraham


Ladybug on a tree, Easton PA. Lehigh Valley PA.
Ladybug #2. Seen on a tree near Lafayette College. Photo by Laini Abraham.


What do you see on your walks? Do you see the little things? The big things? Flowers, the sky, insects, whatever it is you see, please photograph it and send it to us here, at with the subject line “Nature Photography”. Even if it’s shot in a city, as these were, if it’s part of the natural world, it qualifies. I’ll keep finding more ladybugs.



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