Rock N’ Roll at Rock N’ Joe’s!

By Mr. LVwithLOVE

What makes a good acoustic open mic? That’s sort of like asking, “What makes a really, really simplistic salad?” You already know the answer, so don’t overthink it.

It’s a simple recipe.

Step one: Provide a place to play. Rock N’ Joe’s is large. It’s large enough to house some of the most comfortable furniture I’ve ever sat on. In fact, if I was allowed to organize an adult nap time, it would be on one of Rock N’ Joe’s oversized easy chairs.

Step two: Provide musicians who aren’t that awful. (Don’t worry I only play sometimes and it’s only covers of Sinead O’Connor)

Step three: Turn it up.

That’s exactly what Rock N’ Joe’s Coffee Lounge and Eats did when it began hosting Open Mics at its 1 W. Broad Street Bethlehem location two months ago.

The establishment, which has a few other locations in New Jersey moved to Bethlehem and opened at the end of 2009. My super awesome friend at LVTransplant gave an initial review of the java joint and right from the start, the central location, large roomy atmosphere and early 1990s music seemingly playing all the time made it an attractive place to have lunch, hang out or, eventually, listen to local music. Besides the music, fun staff and awesome coffee and tea drinks, Rock N’ Joe’s boasts a full menu for breakfast right through dinner. So, don’t think you have to load up on something else before heading out there; they have it all behind the counter.

Check out their Facebook Page for updates and, of course, come to the Rock N’ Joes Coffee House Lounge and Eats Open Mic tonight, Wednesday, April 21 beginning at 7 p.m. Because, honestly, if you don’t you’re missing out. Besides, we’ll play some Fleetwood Mac for ya. is an awesome local website written and owned by a guy who looks surprisingly similar to Brad Pitt circa 1999. Go there  or follow the fun on twitter.

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