Signs of Life: the Construction at the Pomeroy Building in Easton

Photos by Laini Abraham

I walk by this building everyday, just as I’ve walked by it for most of the last 15 years. It’s been vacant since right around the time my family moved to Easton. That was 1976. Since then, it’s been a storage space for pickles (yes, lots and lots of pickles), and has seen several owners and plans come and go. The last time construction started was around 2005. It was very exciting. But then, in 2006, it stopped. And then it sat again. And sat. And had more plans. And sat.

Well, the work has started again and seemed to move steadily throughout the winter. This is always a good sign. Everyone can find some excuse not to do construction through the winter, but not this time. They just kept going. So now the plan seems to be apartments. I think this is great. I hope the work continues. And I’ll keep you updated periodically as it does. That is, if the guys don’t kick me out first. Who knows, maybe I can even get back up on the roof this spring. That would make me very happy.

Keep up the great work, building developer and building workers! Easton needs this block to be whole again and can’t do it without the Pomeroy/Laubach building. Thank you.

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