Five Cool Lehigh Valley People to Follow on Twitter

by Carrie Havranek

Ladies and gentlemen, launch your Tweetdecks.

This week’s column is a love letter to social media. It feels timely, too, because the power of social media can do lots of things—mostly, I hope, for good. I’ve put together a list of people who are independent—not affiliated with any organization or company or Tweeting on their behalf. The Lehigh Valley is full of interesting characters, and this list honors that spirit, although it’s by no means exhaustive. We want to hear from you, too: please tell us who you follow in the comments field.

Here they are, in no particular order whatsoever.

1. @LVtransplant. Many of us are or were just that—transplants—and there are curiosities and unique things about the Valley that baffle, delight, and frustrate us. Many of us returned here after living elsewhere. And many of us, like me, wound up here accidentally. Megan Beste Santucci, through her blog and tweets, tries to shed some light on that, and tell us what’s happening that we should know about.

2. @LVwithLove. This is the Lehigh Valley’s closest thing to Perez Hilton, in that these cheeky tweets and blog make for compulsory reading about stuff happening around the Lehigh Valley. You may laugh at it, you may be offended by the provocative comments, but if you are on Twitter and you live around here, you’d do your best to follow along.

3. @LVIndependent. Many political commentators, political insiders, and politicians themselves (or their people) are on Twitter, and many of them use the platform with gusto. An independent voice of reason, Jon Geeting is worth following for his insights on what’s happening right here in our Lehigh Valley and in Pennsylvania, whether that means the controversy about fracking or fact checking the speeches of Pat Toomey.

4.@JeremyLittau. Littau, an assistant professor of journalism and communication at Lehigh University, tweets about social media, tech stuff, his wife’s pregnancy, the arrival of baseball season, and other things of interest that may or may not be of interest to you. He also happens to be smart and hilarious.

5. @LVTweetup. Yep, we’ve got our own little Twitter lovefest going on here, and it’s two years old! On a monthly basis, Tweeters get together to meet and make these virtual conversations tangible and real. It does much to take us away from our computers and into the world and interact with each other and do some real community building. The two-year anniversary of Lehigh Valley Tweet-up takes place on Thursday, April 21, 7pm-9pm at Allentown Brew Works.

@writercarrie started using Twitter almost three years ago and believes in the power of social media for good, not ill.

You can follow laini, too! She’s @lainiabraham.

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