Five Cool Places for Cold Treats

Words by Carrie Havranek; Photo by Laini Abraham

In keeping with the “cooling off” theme we have going here, because it’s been so hellishly hot, this week’s Five Cool Places celebrates the wonderful thing that happens when milk, cream, yogurt, fruit, chocolate and/or other things are churned together and then run down your arms if you can’t eat it fast enough. Yep. We’re talking about ice cream, in a variety of permutations.

1. Nuts about Ice Cream. They’ve been written up in the Wall Street Journal. They ship their exotic ice cream worldwide. Yeah, it’s that good. The owners infuse their own native culinary flavors into the creations, some of which are seasonal, so you get great intriguing tastes like lychee, mango, ginger and cardamom, along with old standbys like chocolate, strawberry and more. It’s always fresh. 1124 Linden Street, Bethlehem, 610-861-7733. Hours: 11am-11pm daily.

2. Ice Cream World. Homemade ice cream comes in a wide array of flavors at this mainstay across from Dorney Park. You’ll find classics such as butter pecan, strawberry and rocky road, along with more creative concoctions such as teaberry, blueberry cheesecake, and Smurf. Sherbet, frozen yogurt, Italian ice, and soft serve are also available. 3512 Hamilton Blvd. 610-439-8591; Summer hours: open every day 10am-11pm.

3. Dave’s Deli & Gelato. It’s in a seemingly random location near 512 in Bethlehem, but you’ve probably passed it by on Route 22 and wondered, what is that place? For those who are curious, gelato scores lower for calories and higher for its inventive flavors (canteloupe? lemon? key lime?), which tend to come across with a freshness and intensity not typically found even in the best ice cream. Dave’s has two other locations–one on SouthSide and one on Main Street, but this one’s the mothership. 310 Stoke Park Rd., Bethlehem; 610-882-3663. Hours: Monday-Wednesday, and Friday: 9am-4pm; Thursday 9am-7pm; Saturday 11am-3pm. Closed Sundays.

4. The Purple Cow Creamery. My favorite flavor, hands down, is purple cow: black raspberry ice cream with chocolate fudge and raspberry-filled dark chocolate truffles. Yeah, that’s a lot to say, but it’s easier to eat. Mmmm. With 48 flavors, sorbet, ices and soft serve, too. 19 South Bank Street, Easton; 610-252-5544. Summer hours: Monday-Thursday, 11:30am-8:30pm; Friday-Saturday 11:30am-9pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm.

5. Euro Yogurt. We don’t have Pinkberry, but we have something akin to it. The Twitterverse is abuzz about this shop on SouthSide Bethlehem, which opened last summer. The all-natural frozen yogurt imparts a pleasant tang–you know, like yogurt should. Choose from either original or pomegranate, and a range of fresh fruit and dry toppings. 129 E. Third Street, Bethlehem; 610-419-8192. Hours: Monday-Sunday, 12pm-10pm.

Carrie Havranek has made ice cream twice in the past four days and is not ashamed to say it.

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