They’ve Got the Beets: Our visit to Clear Spring Farm

By Michelle Pittman and Michael Buck

We first visited Clear Spring Farm a few Octobers ago, when we were on the hunt for the perfect carving pumpkin. But there’s plenty of other produce for sale right now at this 29-acre farm just outside of Easton. In fact, there’s something for everyone year round, from farm fresh, cage-free brown eggs to salad mixes, fruit and holiday wreaths.

Third-generation owner Dave Kromer gave us a tour, introducing us to a few goats and letting us have a sneak peek at the upcoming tomato harvest. Clear Spring makes good use of two high-tunnel greenhouses, which considerably extend the growing season; produce comes in earlier and lasts longer that it would out in the field. The greenhouses also help protect the plants from hungry little critters, though Dave tells us that nothing has yet to replace his old dog, Clark, who sadly passed away in October.

Still, we found ourselves a bounty at Clear Spring, walking away with summer squash, wax beans and new potatoes for less than $7. A few yellow and red tomatoes were also for sale, along with onions, lettuce, beets and the aforementioned brown eggs. The farm stand is located within the original barn, with a sign on the road advertising what’s for sale. The stand is open daily, from 9 a.m. until dusk, and information about joining Clear Spring’s CSA is available on its web site.

If you walk a little ways to your left from the farmstand, you’ll see the goats, a few tractors and the greenhouses. Just past them are the fields of winter squash and yes, pumpkins, already in the ground for the fall carving season.

Clear Spring grows by trial and error, Dave tells us, mainly because what works one season isn’t always the key to growing a good crop the next. Pesticides aren’t used unless a crop looks like it’s not going to make it.

So what did we make with our Clear Spring bounty? Roasted beet salad. It’s super easy and delicious and beets are in season for a few more weeks. Hop on over to Feaston to check it out.

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