Save Water, Drink Beer! Build Your Own Rain Barrel

By Laini Abraham

Gardening is fun. Gardening is rewarding. It’s so exciting to get everything planted in the spring, and watch it start to grow. But then, something happens. It gets hot and things need to be watered a LOT. So what do you do? Two words—rain barrel.

I was going to make a very fancy, well-researched, and clever post about this, but then I saw the release that was sent to me from the Saucon Creek Watershed Association. And you know what? It’s all in there. So in the spirit of recycling and not reinventing the wheel, I’m going to just copy that here.


Make your own Rain barrel workshop at Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton, PA
A previous rain barrel workshop. Photo courtesy of the Saucon Creek Watershed Association


Save Water, Drink Beer!

Build Your Own Rain Barrel Workshop

at the Weyerbacher Brewery, 905-G Line Street, Easton, PA

The Saucon Creek Watershed Association is conducting a Rain Barrel Workshop at the Weyerbacher Brewery on Saturday, June 30th. The workshop will guide you through the process of constructing your own barrel.

Rain barrels are great water-saving devices and ideal for gardens. The barrel sits underneath a downspout to collect water from the roof each time it rains. The rain water can then be used to water lawns and garden plants. This helps save groundwater resources and decreases water bills.

After you’ve completed your barrel, feel free to tour the brewery and sample all of the fine beers Weyerbacher has to offer.

Workshops fill up quickly so be sure to register as soon as possible. To register, contact Erin Frederick at or 610-965-4397, ext. 137. The cost of a workshop is $35, which includes a plastic 55-gallon drum and all the necessary parts & assistance to build your rain barrel. Choose from three, one-hour session: 10 to 11am, 11 to 12pm, or 12 to 1pm.




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