Tasty Tuesday: Summer Returns to Downtown Easton With the Opening of the Purple Cow Creamery

By Laini Abraham

Today is the day summer returns to downtown Easton. It doesn’t matter that it’s cold and windy. Nope. The only thing that matters is that at twelve o’clock noon, after a long winter of well-deserved rest, the Purple Cow Creamery will once again open its doors. The cycle of the seasons will continue. Here’s a little reminder of exactly what this means:


Purple Cow Creamery Ice Cream in Downtown Easton, PA

And for the chocolate lovers:

Purple Cow Creamery Ice Cream in Downtown Easton PA

This reopening is of such significance that it will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting by the Easton Area Chamber of Commerce at noon. If you can’t visit them today, you can still give the Purple Cow a nice little “welcome back” on the Purple Cow Facebook Page.

While you’re here, before you go running out the door to get there, what’s your favorite flavor of Purple Cow ice cream?

Hours: Tue-Thur. 12:00 pm-5:30 pm….Fir and Sat 12:oo pm-6:00 pm….Closed Sunday and Monday until Memorial Day, or further notice.

The Purple Cow Creamery is located at 19 South Bank Street, Easton; 610-252-5544. Hours: Tuesday-Thursday, 12:00pm-5:30pm; Friday-Saturday 12:00pm-6pm; Closed Sunday and Monday until Memorial Day or further notice. 

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